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Wedding is the most precious and auspicious day of a woman’s life. Everything has to be perfectly in place to make the grand event memorable. Right from the dress, to shoes, cocktails, desserts everything! Now that you have found your perfect wedding dress, it’s time to make the complete with apt accessories. Bracelets, tiara, and ear-tops, everything has to match perfectly with your wedding gown. Wait! Are you missing on anything? Yes, an evening clutch bag that is also in harmony with your dress.

Do you at all need to carry a clutch on your wedding day? The answer is YES! You don’t need to carry a large bag, since you won’t be carrying house keys, cash, license and all; you just need a few essential things. For this purpose Evening Clutch Bags are appropriate. Though we want everything to be very special on this day, choose a clutch that you can use post wedding. Clutches with metallic or jewel tones are perfect, since you’ll have to attend a lot of parties and get-togethers post wedding. So your clutch would match with the evening dress as well.

How would you choose a clutch for the special occasion?

Along with enhancing the beauty of your wedding gown, clutch bags allow you to carry essential things like lipstick, foundation, tissues, wipes, etc. To choose a clutch bag, start with considering the colour of your wedding dress. Secondly decide whether you’ll prefer a small clutch or somewhat big one. This would also depend on the type of dress, how much effort you have to put in to carry your wedding dress. If you can easily carry your dress, you can opt for a bigger clutch, so that you don’t have trouble in carrying it. If your dress drapes in a complex manner, then a small clutch will be suitable.

For heavily embellished dresses, a plain and simple, single coloured clutch bag would be fine. On the other hand if your dress is simple, then carry a beautiful embellished clutch purse to enhance the beauty of your dress.

If you want to be even more comfortable with your bag, choose an evening clutch bag with chain strap. This makes carrying your bag even easier. Also you can use it later for parties and other social events.

Where would you find these clutches?

You can find nice clutch bags in shops which dedicatedly sell bags, or you can browse through Online Evening Clutch Bags. There are many online portals which sell different types of bags and there you’ll find wide range of evening bags and clutches. Find one that suits you and make your wedding a special one!

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Comments Off on Make Your Own Stone Necklace to Match Your Evening Dress

Got a beautiful evening dress, matching shoes and a handbag too! That’s really great. But Oh! What about the necklace? Got one? Not yet! Don’t worry we have a last minute solution for you! Make your own stone necklace that perfectly matches your dress.

Making a stone necklace is a simple task that you can do at home. You’ll just require a few basic things and there you are ready to nurture your creative side. Remember be as creative as possible and do as much experiment as you can. We’ll guide to make a basic stone necklace, on which you can apply your own creative ideas and create your own unique piece.

Stone Necklace to Match Your Evening Dress

Things you’ll require:

  • Stones or Crystals (polished ones recommended)
  • A necklace(chain or plain one), bell cap and a bail
  • Piece of cardboard and epoxy (Jewelry glue)
  • Burnisher
  • Sand or clay

How to choose the stone?

Choose a stone or crystal that matches your dress perfectly. Next choose stones that taper to a point so that it works well with the bell cap. Polished stones and crystals make a good choice, since they look elegant with evening dresses.

Prepare the stone and bell cap

Place the bell cap on the point of stone where you plan to stick it. Now gently bend the fingers of the bell cap to sit properly on the stone. Once you have prepared the bell cap, rub the stone with sandpaper where you’ll be fixing the bell cap. This rough surface will help the adhesive to adhere well. Clean the stone and bell cap with a mild detergent to remove dirt and dry it properly. Put the glue (epoxy) and attach the stone to the bell cap and leave it for 15 minutes. Next attach the bail and the bell cap. Squeeze the bail and slide the narrow end through the loop of the bell cap.

Pass the necklace chain through the bail and you’re done. Your stone necklace is ready to be worn. This is also beneficial for those who want to wear stones and crystals for their healing powers, without making them look odd.

Another easier option is, if you still have some time in hand browse through any Online Shop for Necklaces and place your order. You’ll find a number of elegant and classy stone necklaces on online shopping stores; choose the one that suits your dress.

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Summer is round the corner and it’s time to stuff your wardrobe with summer special clothes, accessories and shoes. It’s time to wrap up all the sneakers and boots and bring out those good looking strappy sandals. That said, it is essential you have pretty and clean feet since they’ll be visible more than ever. We spend long hours doing make-up and choosing the perfect summer dress, now it’s time to take out some time for your feet as well. Get your feet sandal ready and flaunt those sexy n strappy feminine sandals.

Your feet have to withstand the heat, dust and sweat which can make them rough, dry and smelly.

Here’s how you can take good care of your feet so that you can show off the sandals that you recently bought from the Online Summer Shoe Store:

  • Exfoliate Regularly:Exfoliating will remove all dry skin cells and make it feel softer. Pouring moisturizer on dry flaky skin is of no good. So to get rid of the dry skin, exfoliate regularly, at least twice a week. You will get good foot scrubs at your local cosmetics shop. If you have dry skin avoid using salt-based scrub, instead use a sugar based scrub for better results. Salt based scrubs will make your feet even drier.
  • Do not soak your feet:Many people have the idea, that soaking your feet will hydrate it. On the contrary, soaking will dehydrate the dry feet making it even drier. Instead, directly apply a sugar scrub on your feet and wipe it off with a moistened towel.
  • Pumice Stones are a Must:Use a pumice stone to scrub your feet daily or at least every alternate day. Apply less pressure on the soft areas and more on the accumulated dry skin. Pumice stones help to get rid of dry and flaky skin cells making it smoother. Pumice stones are readily available at cosmetic stores.
  • Moisturize your Feet Everyday:Heels to prone to become dry than other areas of the foot, since it feels the maximum pressure. Also the skin in the heel area is thicker than the other parts of the foot, so you’ll need more moisturizer to make it penetrate through. Apply a layer of moisturizer once you are out of the shower. This will lock the moisture that the foot has already soaked. Also, never forget to apply a cream before going to bed.
  • Sunscreen is Essential, even for the Foot:Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your feet, when out in the sun. The nail and cuticle are vulnerable just as your skin, so you should protect them from sun. Also having a unevenly tanned foot doesn’t look good.

If you are thinking where you would get all foot care products, the good news is, many online shoe stores in Australia also have foot care products. You can either order them online or just visit your local cosmetics shop and get all the things that you require.

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You have overwhelming options when it comes to ladies footwear. From dedicated brick and mortar shoe shops to online shops for ladies footwear, the choices are never-ending. You can find styles that are either have shy-high heels or are pancake flats. There is no one style that fits all. People have different choices and different tastes, so you have to find your shoes accordingly.

Footwear for Ladies

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, people aged between 18 and 60 suffer from various foot ailments that arise due to wearing incorrect shoes. Modern day shoe manufacturers are hiring stylists who can design shoes that are comfortable along with being stylish. So you don’t have to bear painful feet to show-off your designer shoes. Here are a few tips that’ll help you choose the perfect ladies shoes for you:

  1. There are various styles and you have to allot some time to find the one for you. You can find a number of stylish shoes that are sensible and stylish and you can carry them well. Don’t be disheartened if it takes some time, stay calm and carry on your research.
  2. Visit a shoe store that offers sit-and-fit services, so that you can have your feet measured before you start trying out shoes. Our feet change with time and so does its size, so don’t presume your shoe size. Ask the salesperson to determine your foot width as well so that the footwear fits perfectly. If you want to shop for ladies footwear online, make sure you check the size charts.
  3. While trying your shoes, wiggle your toes within it. If you can, that means you have enough toe space, if you cannot look for a different pair. You can’t walk comfortably if your toes hurt.
  4. If you’re looking for walking shoes, look for shoes with a heel size between ½” to 1”.
  5. Most of us assume that flats are better than heels, but it’s just a myth. Many a time flats can be more uncomfortable than heels it makes the feet roll inward while walking. If you want to buy flats, look for shoes that have a contoured foot-bed so that it supports the ankle and feet. Many flats are provided with strap towards the middle which holds your foot in place and offers better grip.
  6. There is no thumb-rule that you have to wear a 3 ½” heels. To make yourself comfortable, you can try wearing low heels (1” or lower), mid-height heels (1” – 2”). Shoes that have heels of 3” or more are classified as high heels.
  7. Very high heels can cause hammertoe, pinched nerve, bunion, etc since it exerts severe pressure on the forefoot. So it is best to save such shoes for special occasions and make sure you don’t walk much in them.
  8. Sneakers are the best choice if you want to be comfortable along with looking good.
  9. Though everyone doesn’t need, it is good to have supports.
  10. Many people opt for surgeries to make their feet look good, in most cases these are disasters. Go for surgeries only if a medical practitioner recommends or you have a medical condition in your foot.

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Comments Off on Top 5 kinds of Shoes that a Women’s Closet Must Have

Casual shoes are all about comfort in style. For men casual shoes mean sneakers, flip-flops or boat shoes. Though women can also wear the same as casual shoes, but today casual shoes are available in more styles and designs. Women in today’s world no more compromise with stiff bad looking shoes.

Today’s women choose from a range of designer casual shoe or “semi-dressy” casual shoe. You can look elegant in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, even if you are wearing the right kind of casual shoes. These make a women feel confident and prettier, along with offering maximum comfort. You can hardly find women wearing uncomfortable stiff shoes these days, rather they like wearing shoes that look good and are comfortable. Casual shoes can also be sub-divided into categories which are low heel, medium heel and high heel. The wide, high heels are the in things in today’s generation.

The choices are not limited; rather there is a huge variety of shoes that a woman can choose from.

Now we’ll have a look at the top 10 kinds of shoes that a women’s closet must have:

womens shoes

Shoe#1: Sandals: Sandals are best for summer, spring and fall seasons. Those with just one or two straps are very comfortable, since most of your foot is bare and can breathe fresh air. It also allows you to show off your recently manicured feet. This can be worn with a wide range of dresses without spoiling your look. The most popular kind of casual shoe, you can buy casual shoes online or from a nearby shoe store.

Shoe#2: Pumps: Pumps are available in nudes and bright colours. Those with neutral tones are suitable for black dresses or floral printed summer dresses. Bright colour pumps can add a zing to your look. If you want to make a simple, bland dress look classy and stylish, pair it with a turquoise or fuchsia pump shoe.

Shoe#3: classic ballet flat shoes: These look great with jeans and t-shirts. For those who can’t think of spending a day without jeans, this is perfect for them. You can also wear it with a polka-dotted dress or with a black or any dark coloured casual dress

Shoe#4: Wedges: Wedges give you height and can be worn with wide-leg trouser or long casual dress.

Shoe#5: Sneakers: A simple sneaker is the ultimate word when it comes to comfort. Having a sneaker means you can wear it to the gym, go for a walk or go out with friends for a long drive. The most comfortable shoes, these are ideal for trouser shorts or harem pants.

You can Buy Causal Shoes Online in Australia from www.cecci.com.au where you can find a huge variety of casual shoes. Starting from summer shoes, evening shoes, you’ll get one for all occasions and events.



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With the advent of summer we too much focus on our clothes. We forget that with clothes we have to choose the right shoes to combat the heat. During summer time we love spending our time in beach, take long walks in the parks etc. Sometimes we get confused on what kind of shoes we will wear during summer. There are wide kind of shoes are available from ballerina, flats, sandals etc.

Following are some tips that will help you to choose the right shoes for this summer

Selena Gomez looking ready for summer


  • During summer time we perspire a lot, same with our foot also. During summer time try wear shoes that are open this will help your feet to breath. Covered shoe will not help your feet to breath; as a result infection might happen.
  • While purchasing a shoe one should keep in mind the range of activities they will do in summer. This will help them to give a better idea.
  • The sole of the shoe should be very soft and comfortable. Hard sole can cause serious foot ailment in the long run.
  • Flat Ballerinas are perfect summary shoes. These shoes are available in various designs and prints. It is a versatile shoe; it can look equally good with formals, dresses and short pants.
  • Sandals is another shoe perfect for summers. They are made of with leather and sometimes jute. Major part of the feet is exposed in sandal. Normally the sandal has lot of buckles and straps. Sandals can be wear in both formal and casual occasions.
  • Pumps It is a must have during the summer time. It has generally a close back with no laces and buckles. It has variety of types like close toe, open toe etc. Pumps are suitable for weddings, office parties etc.
  • Clogs It is perfect for casual wear. Earlier clogs wear made up of wood. But now it is made with rubber. The back is open while the front part is covered. It is easy to wear and very comfortable.
  • Wedge   it is a moderate heel shoe. It doesn’t have any laces or buckles. It is ideal for any corporate kind of meetings and occasions. There are various online shoe store that are available where one can get these shoes.

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Comments Off on How Do Luxury Handbags Can Influence Your Relationship

Sometimes there is a strong debate that whether women’s fetish for luxury handbag can influence one’s relationship. Women have strong desire to make them feel beautiful, this makes them confident. Different research has shown that men and women use handbags for different reasons. Carrying designer bags builds up their self esteem or given gives a boost up to their single status. According to University of Minnesota research it has been found that women buy luxury bags to prevent other women stealing their man.




Many researchers are doing this research for quite some time now. They have conducted a research on 649 women on different age group. After this experiment it has been proved that it is mainly inclined to the romantic relationships between man and women.

As per studies it has been found that Americans are the largest spender on luxury bags. According to some research it has been found that women possessing more luxury bags have better devoted partners. This is really something to think about. Sometimes women keep a tab on their friend’s status to see if they are not left behind. But why women generally do that??, the reasons can be many sometimes the women are very insecure about their partners. Their biggest fear is cheating, because of that they want to make themselves attractive to ward of the evil eye of another women.

Women are over pressurized to look good. Often it is found that women feel end of relationship means loss of financial security. So they become very panicky and insecure. If the man is a billionaire than the insecurity is more.   Time will say if buying designer handbags can really solve the problem or not

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To create a fantastic style statement a good handbag is important. A proper matching handbag completes the look. It is considered as a very important fashion statements which is available in various size, designs and colors to complement the whole look. With the advent of online shopping and luxury retail stores people can get easy access to the bags. However to pick the right kind of handbag that will complement the look, sometimes ladies get confused.

Following are some tips that will help you to select handbag for different occasions :

  • Choose the handbag according to the event. Don’t carry any bag which will look over the top and will ruin your entire get up. If it is a office party “minimalistic” is the rule, a tote kind of bag can spoil your entire look. When it comes to a party organized by friends and relatives than carry a bag which is bright and gorgeous. So choose your bag according to the occasion.
  • Don’t carry a bag randomly. Choose a bag which suits your dress and style. We often try to ape the celebrities, which is not correct. Everybody has her own personality, aping someone can lead to disastrous results. So always try to create your own style statement and don’t blindly copy others.
  • While considering the bag it is important to choose a bag which is functional. If it’s a evening day out than consider a bag which has enough compartments to keep your essential items. If it is a evening party than a clutch bag will do.

Here are some types of bags which will help you to get a better understanding.

Satchels  These bags are very popular among the working women because of its space. You can carry all your essentials in these bags. They look stylish also.

Hobo Bags- These bags are ideal for a any casual day out. It comes in a crescent shape.

Wristlets –  These purse looks similar to a clutch. In addition these bags have a strap which you can wrap it around your wrist, so the name. It comes in variety of designs. Choose it according to your style.

BackPacks- More and more office goers are preferring these kind of bags as these are large and spacious. It has become popular due to the advent of laptop. Leather back packs are extremely popular these days.

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Everyone has the penchant to look stylish and look different from the crowd. All most everyone has the desire to create a style statement. An old adage says a person’s image makes the first impression. We spent huge money to create an ideal fashion statement. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed. To make a great fashion statement the role of accessories is very important which we sometimes neglect.

Following are some tips that will help you choose the top three accessories to create a great fashion statement:

Jewelry :



It can be considered as the most important fashion accessory. It enhances the beauty of every woman. It comes in various size, shape and color. You need to pick the right one to get that perfect look.

  • Wear the jewelry according to the occasion. If it is a office party choose pearl jewelry as it looks very elegant and sophisticated. It looks equally good with both Indian and western formal wear.
  • When purchasing earrings it is advisable to consider the size of the face . Dangly earrings look great in round face while a stud can look good in longer faces.
  • For casual dresses junk jewelry can be a great option. These jewelries are cheap and also look very stylish.
  • Wearing too much jewelry will give a cluttered look. If you are wearing a heavy neckpiece than wear a subtle jewelry to complement the look.
  • If you are wearing knee length jeans than ankle bracelets can be a very good option. These look very stylish.






Footwear is the most important accessories. It completes the look. Now-a-days lot of custom made shoes is available in various online and retail stores.

  • Try to incorporate a beige color shoe. This color goes with every dress formal or western.
  • Shoes with heels looks best in formal as well as in knee length dresses.

We often focus more on the style and less on the comfort. Always wear a shoe whose sole are soft. Otherwise hard sole can cause serious foot ailments.






Last but not the least a proper handbag completes the look. A bad handbag can spoil your look entirely

  • Choose the handbag according to the occasion
  • Leather and jute bags are long lasting and durable
  • Duffle, sachel, hobos etc are some of the most popular handbags amongst the women.


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Comments Off on Tips On Choosing Cushions For Living Rooms

To give your living room a dash of style, cushions can play a very important role. Often redesigning a living room can be very mammoth task and we often get petrified by it. We tend to forget that often a few changes can make a huge difference. For example cushions, lit bit of changes can spruce up your living room. If chosen the right color and design cushions can make your once mismatched living room into a stylish one.


Following are some tips that will help you to choose the right cushions for your living room :

  • We often see people buying cushions matching to the color of the sofa. This is a big and very common mistake. Always use cushions that are contrast to the sofa. Using same color cushion looks very boring and dull.
  • Living rooms is full of colors and patterns. There are many kind of components in our living room which needs to kept in mind while choosing the cushion color. For example the color of the walls, furniture’s, artifacts, tables etc. it is advisable to choose a color which complements the look and feel of the room. There are various online cushion stores were you can have an idea and also there is a facility for color swatching.
  • You need to be careful while placing the number of cushions in your sofa . If your sofa is big and traditional go for 3-4 numbers of cushions. Often people make their sofa looks very cluttery by placing number of cushions.
  • It is a common practice among the people is they prefer to buy cushions of same size for example 18in x 18in or 20in x 20in square Again this looks very dull and boring. Try to experiment with the sizes. This will make your living room different and less boring.
  • There is no hard and fast rule of arranging the cushions. It depends on the size and length of your lounge. Often a sofa staffed with cushions can look good too or simple one or two cushion can look great.
  • Consider the theme. If your living room is neutral try to use some bold colors. This will add a depth in your room.
  • When updating your room , try to take an insight from variety of sources. It can be anything from your cloth, surroundings etc. Use that kind of prints in your cushions.


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